Gobi Bear

Auditorio CCOP, Porto

21:30, 31.01.23

After a beautiful Secret Gig, Gobi Bear, is presenting his new album "3" in Porto with Gig Club. 

One of Portugal's most active and prolific one-man bands (with 4 LPs and over 500 concerts played all over Europe), Gobi Bear keeps breaking all barriers between loop music and indie folk. Gobi Bear is Diogo Alves Pinto, a Portuguese singer-songwriter who plays an intimate folk in a one-man band format. His charming singing and bucolic fingerpicking style already led him to perform opening acts for Russian Red and Matt Elliott, among others. Gobi Bear has a guitar and an omnichord on stage with him. He sings and plays them live, records loops and builds folk songs blended with post-rock guitar effects.